WATCH: Dude's Robin Williams Impression Is So Good, It's Got The Internet Wanting A Movie!


OK, before of any of us get too excited, this isn’t real. At least, it’s not yet.

But actor Jamie Costa does a hell of a Robin Williams impersonation.

It seems as though Jamie put together the clip to generate some buzz, and maybe get the ball rolling on a Robin movie project. More, from SFist:

The response to Costa’s “screen test,” which has racked up more than 150,000 views in less than 24 hours, has commenters clamoring that Costa be cast in the role. The Youtube comments include “When will this be in theaters?,”  “If anyone was to play Robin it has to be Jamie,” and “And the oscar goes to... Jamie Costa for his role as Robin Williams in Robin."

People, this was no screen test. This is a plucky attempt to generate interest in the possibility of a Robin Williams biopic. Jamie Costa posted the clip to his Youtube channel, probably in hopes of whipping up investors, and perhaps support from the Williams family for this completely aspirational project. Costa is not auditioning for the role, he’s auditioning the idea of a Robin Williams biopic with definitely Jamie Costa in the starring role.

We have seen Jamie Costa before, doing his Vine impersonations of Robin Williams. He’s a minor Youtube star (125,000 subscribers) and he’s done a little work in TV and video game voicing, but most of his videos are unauthorized “fan films” that reference Star Wars, Jurassic Park, and comic book franchises. If Hollywood were making a Robin Williams biopic, it seems unlikely Costa would be called in to audition. But heck, this attempt at reverse-engineering his own starring role in a Robin Williams biopic could attract interest from some streaming service or indie studio in the age of internet celebrities.

It may not be a real project, but damn, you could much worse than Jamie Costa for the role of Robin Williams in a potential movie. And I think we can all agree, it’s a story worth telling.