WATCH: Here's The Brand New Trailer For Hulu's Pam & Tommy!


Buckle up, we’ve got a new trailer for Hulu’s ‘Pam & Tommy’.

More, from Rolling Stone:

A disgruntled electrician (played by Seth Rogen) steals a safe from Lee and Anderson’s home, cracks it open and finds the illicit tape, which he then starts selling on this newfangled (for the Nineties) thing called the internet.

Still, the complex, whirlwind romance between Anderson (Lily James) and Lee (Sebastian Stan) remains the show’s central focus as the pair grapple with the fallout from a sex tape. In particular, the trailer suggests Pam and Tommy will examine the outsized treatment and scrutiny Anderson received, especially in comparison to Lee. In one telling scene, Anderson tries to convince Lee that the leak is worse for her, and the drummer obliviously replies, “How is this worse for you?”

Along with James, Rogen, and Stan, Pam and Tommy will star Nick Offerman, Taylor Schilling, Andrew Dice Clay, Pepi Sonuga, Spenser Granese, and Mozhan Marnò.

This thing drops in less than a month, on February 2nd, on Disney+