WATCH: Kid Covers PornHub Theme On Drums, Gets Kicked Out Of School


I’ll be honest, don’t have much information on the video you’re about to see. It got a kid suspended from his private school. And let it serve as a cautionary tale, for any talented young drummers, considering trolling their school with a cover of the theme music for a XXX website. 

In case you’re confused…

I did a bit of digging, and managed to find a little bit more on this quick clip that’s gone super viral the last few days, and got a kid suspended, apparently. First, an alternate angle.


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According to a Reddit post, this happened at a California prep school, a fancy one at that. So, you can imagine why faculty weren’t as thrilled with the stunt as the student body was.

And, a few tweets suggest the kid’s name is Francis.

Francis Pacia, perhaps. Because if you peep this Instagram account, he sure looks like the drummer in the clips. And, there are an awful lot of people commenting things like, “LEGEND!” on his most recent posts. No statement from the school, or PornHub…yet. 

They are offering free PornHub Premium for anyone lonely on Valentine’s Day, though! You know, since we’re on the subject.