WATCH: Members of Alexisonfire, AFI, Touche Amore Cover The Smashing Pumpkins!


Probably, definitely the greatest cover of The Smashing Pumpkins’ iconic ‘1979’. You see it’d be easy, and lazy, to just do it the way Billy Morgan and co did. And that’s unfortunately what so many covers are, just a big ol’ bowl of vanilla ice cream, as opposed to a band putting their own stamp on a recognizable number. We’ve heard it THEIR way, now do it YOUR way.

All of that to say, Two Minutes To Late Night (a criminally underrated YouTube channel if there ever was one) tapped members of AFI, Alexisonfire, Touche Amore, and others for this cover, that reimagines The Pumpkins’ classic as a hardcore anthem. Enjoy!

And for the record, it’s far from the first time that TMTLN has done this. Here’s a few other favourites.