WATCH: New Footage Shows What Conor McGregor Yelled At Dustin Poirier After Their Fight At UFC 264


WOOF, this is a bad look.

Some new footage from UFC 264 last Saturday, which seems to show us exactly what Conor McGregor was yelling at Dustin Poirier…and it wasn’t pretty.



Which would explain why it interrupted Joe Rogan’s post-fight interview with Poirier.



Dustin grew up rough, from a part of Louisiana where you don’t say that kind of thing without consequence. 



This would also explain why Mrs.Poirier was flipping McGregor off after the fight. 



UPDATE: it gets worse. Check out these (swiftly deleted) tweets from the middle of the night, seeming to threaten Dustin's daughter, too. Yikes.

I gotta tell you, Conor lost me as a fan this weekend. And sure, my interest/support had been waning for a while, certainly. It’s not like the guy hasn’t given people reason to dislike him before. But this felt…different.

I remember McGregor’s UFC debut in 2013. Him walking out to ‘Shippin’ Up To Boston’ in Boston later that year. I saw him fight Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo live, at UFC 189 and 194, respectively. The spectacle was incredible. He lost to Nate Diaz, and took the L like a champ, humble in defeat. He responded so well in winning their rematch. From there, the best he’s ever looked, making Eddie Alvarez look downright foolish at Madison Square Garden. He parlayed that into a “it’ll never happen” fight against Floyd Mayweather, which set his family up for life. 

Then there were the issues outside of the ring. The rumours about buried scandals. A comeback to mixed martial arts against Khabib Nurmagomedov that got ugly. I wanted the comeback against Cowboy to be the start of another run, after he appeared to have matured as a father, and wanted to fight four times in 2020. His sportsman approach earlier this year on Fight Island, the second time he fought Poirier? A great look, in my opinion, even if it didn’t generate the kind of bombastic headlines a lot of people crave. 

But this fight? The build-up? The trash talk was lazy, often unintelligent and uninspired. It felt hostile for the sake of being hostile. It was ugly, just like what we saw on Saturday after the fight.