WATCH: Nirvana, Foo Fighters, Green Day & More Rock Bands Making Sure Their Fans Are OK


Surely by now, you’ve seen and heard about the tragedy of eight people losing their lives this past weekend, at an AstroWorld concert in Houston, during Travis Scott’s performance. Scott and organizers of the festival have been roundly criticized for the lack of action in the moment, as the show continued on, despite cries for help from the audience.

And now, they’re facing legal action, in addition to that criticism. There’s also been calls for an independent review of the incidents, in addition to the police investigation. Travis Scott has pledged to pay for the funerals of the victims, as well as cover the costs of therapy for any attendees who might need it.

It’s all incredibly sad, as well as preventable, and a reminder that performers have a duty and responsibility to protect the attendees. And before anyone says that’s not realistic to expect of the artists onstage, consider some of this evidence, please.

Here’s Kurt Cobain and Nirvana doing it in 1993:

Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters doing it in 2011.

Billie Joe Armstrong and Green Day taking care of their people several times:

And a bunch of other examples from Rage Against the Machine, Linkin Park, and others.

While these videos do show that unruly crowds can be managed, it doesn’t change what’s happened. The whole thing’s just so sad. And again, preventable. As we begin getting together for concerts again after a prolonged absence due to COVID, this is a somber reminder that performers, concert staff, security, and attendees do have a responsibility to take care of one another.