WATCH: Probably Fake, But YouTuber Gets Knocked Out By A UFC Fighter!


Yeah, yeah, yeah, it's probably be fake. But you know what? I'm choosing to hope that it isn't. 

You may recognize this prick from a bunch of cringey stuff. Lately, he's shown interest in the fight game, competing in "celebrity" boxing matches. He's probably best known for filming a video mocking a spot where many Japanese people have committed suicide. You'd probably know his brother, too. Jake? He's also a YouTube shithead, who's curing anxiety on Twitter.  

Should I know better than to blog about this? Probably. But these dudes really do suck.

Some people are waiting for Joe Rogan before deciding if this is real or not.

Others have seen enough.

Real or not, the dude that hit (or, should you prefer, "hit") him is no joke. Paulo Costa is likely the next dude who'll challenge for the UFC's middleweight title this summer.