WATCH: Samuel L Jackson Has A Message For You. Stay The F*ck At Home.

Samuel-L-Jackson-Stay-the-Fuck-at-Home (1)

The message is pretty simple right now. Stay home. But, some still don’t seem to be getting the message. So, the other night, Jimmy Kimmel took matters into his own hands, and made the message a lot more simple. And vulgar, with help from Samuel L Jackson.

Of course, that profane take on the importance of self-isolating/quarantining isn’t all that new. About a week ago, a dude named Chris Franklin delivered a similar message, with a poem.

Which was then turned into a song, by a dude named Robert Kelly…who looks an awful lot like the retired version of David Letterman.

Anyway, surely by now, you’ve gotten the point, right?

Stay the fuck at home.