WATCH: This Heavyweight Boxer's Post=Fight Mental Health Message Will Give You Chills


Tyson Fury’s Mental Health Message

…I can understand why you might’ve missed Saturday night’s Tyson Fury/Deontay Wilder heavyweight boxing fight. Boxing isn’t what it used to be, it’s Christmas party season, there were other sports on, all valid reasons. But man, did you miss a good one. The judges declared it a draw, so we’ll definitely get a rematch. There’s lots to unpack here, but let me start with what I believe is the coolest part. Tyson Fury’s had a tough last few years, battling all kinds of mental health issues. So his message after the fight was pretty damn cool.

If you want a bit more of a backstory on Tyson’s battles with suicide, depression, and a bunch of other mental health trouble, here’s an excerpt from his sit-down with Joe Rogan a couple of months ago. 

Now, the fight? Everyone’s talking about a massive punch that nearly ended it:

And Fury doing his best Undertaker impression getting up from said punches.

And, Tyson was in fine form at the post fight press conference.

Don’t miss the rematch when these two run it back. What a scrap.

The Hallmark Christmas Movie Drinking Game

…odds are, you’ve either recently decorated for Christmas, or you’re about to. And with Christmas decorations come terrible Christmas movies. And with terrible Christmas movies comes excessive drinking. Thankfully, there’s a drinking game for those horrible holiday flicks:

Drink Beer, Do Good.

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