WATCH: This Violent Minor Football Drill Has The Entire Sport Pissed Off


Surely by now you’ve seen the video, a hard one to watch, of two young football players violently colliding in a practice drill.



While the origin of the clip isn’t clear, the sport of football is PISSED. And rightly so. 



More, from FOX News:

It’s unclear when the video was taken or what youth football program was hosting the drills. The Tennessee Titans' logo was on the field and the players' helmets. The Titans, USA Football and Pop Warner didn't immediately respond to Fox News' requests for comment on the video.

Youth football has been under the national spotlight for the last few years, with studies showing a decline in participation in the game.

Youth participating in football for those between the ages of 6 and 12 declined just over 30% from its peaks in 2008, according to a 2020 Forbes report. Additionally, high school football participation declined just over 5% from peak levels in 2009.

Concussions and other health-related risks have also been a cause of concern for parents over the last few years. Bloomberg reported in 2014 that half of Americans wouldn’t want their children playing football.

You can definitely understand a parent’s caution about minor football, especially after seeing a clip like this.