WATCH: Tony Hawk Skates The Real Life Version Of The Warehouse From Pro Skater!


Spent the better part of my weekend with the “new” Tony Hawk Pro Skater game(s). And oh boy, every bit as fun as you’re remembering. In case you haven’t heard, the first two THPS games got a remastered release on Friday. 

The whole thing felt pretty nostalgic. Your fingers remember how to grind & manual pretty quickly, too. 

19 levels from the first two Tony Hawk games, all remastered. Including the iconic Warehouse level, reimagined.

So, Tony decided to skate the real life Warehouse.  

And who do we have to thank for the remastered game? The fans, according to Hawk.

"The technology has come so far since the first game was released," Hawk said. "The possibilities are so much bigger for what we can include and how we can present it. Honestly, it was the fans. They were very persistent about wanting to see these remasters for the last 10 years."

This thing’s getting great reviews all over the place, including Forbes calling it the best remake ever. Oh, and if you work hard enough, you can unlock Jack Black.