WATCH: Virginia Tech Fans Lost Their Minds To Metallica, And It Showed Up As Earthquake Activity!


God, it’s good to have football back. NFL ball kicked off last night, and last weekend, NCAA football got going too, with the return of one of the coolest traditions in sports, at Lane Stadium in Virginia.


If you’re not familiar with ‘The Sandman Experience’, it’s guaranteed goosebumps every time you see it, with tens of thousands of football fans losing their collective shit to Metallica. 

So much so, that last weekend it registered on a seismograph, which measures earthquake activity. 



And it wasn’t the only cool NCAA musical tradition that made a triumphant, bat shit crazy return.



If you want to try and register some seismic activity in your living room tonight, Metallica’s on Kimmel, to celebrate their new deluxe boxset of ‘The Black Album’, which releases today, and album that turns 30 this year.