WATCH: Vladimir Putin, One Of The Greatest Hockey Players Ever, Scores Nine Goals In A Game!

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One of the greatest hockey players ever has done it again.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for many things, but being the greatest Russian hockey player ever is likely his greatest accolade. The man with the silky mitts was at it again the other night, scoring NINE goals in a semi-pro all-star game in Sochi.

More, from SCMP:

Russian President Vladimir Putin scored several goals in a game of ice hockey, appearing in an amateur league for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.

Putin, who was vaccinated against Covid-19 over a month ago, said earlier on Monday that he had tested his levels of protective antibodies, generated by vaccination, the previous day and had seen strong results.

Wearing full ice hockey kit and a #11 shirt, Putin played in front of an audience gathered for the indoor gala event organised by the amateur Night Hockey League in the southern city of Sochi.

Set up in 2011, the league brings together former ice hockey stars, businessmen and Russian politicians. Putin occasionally joins in for all-star events.


I know, you’re probably very impressed, and also likely a little curious, as to why all of his fellow players seemed to stop trying/skating anytime Putin had the puck. But this performance actually pales in comparison to Vladdy’s performance in 2019, where he racked up TEN!



Imagine how terrifying it’d be to be that goaltender, knowing that if you somehow manage to stop one of those shots, you’re likely never heard from again. 

Or having been in the audience in 2019, trying not to laugh at this, knowing full well that if you do, you’re likely never heard from again.