WATCH Volvo Stacks Four Semis, Then Drives...With The Company President On Top?!


This is easily one of the weirdest flexes of all time. 

I don’t know who woke up with feelings of inadequacy over at Volvo Trucks the other day, but he/she really decided to go for it. In this case, “it” means stacking a bunch of new Volvo semis on top of one another, and then driving. But it gets crazier/stupider.

On top of those four stacked Volvo big rigs? The company president, Roger Alm.

Like I said, weird flex. If there’d been a rival company posting similarly preposterous stunt videos, maybe it’d make more sense. But I checked the YouTube channels for Peterbilt, Freightliner, etc. None of them posted footage of their presidents ghost riding a stack of semi-trucks. 

There’s also a behind the scenes video, if you’d like a bit more.

But, I guess it is Volvo. Can we really be surprised by anything after they recruited JCVD for this?

Still, weird flex.