WATCH: Woodstock '99 - When DMX Was The Biggest Rapper On The Planet


The plans to celebrate the life of DMX have been revealed, for this weekend. According to Complex:

The official memorial services for legendary rapper and actor Earl “DMX” Simmons have been announced.

There will be two memorial services, one on Saturday, April 24 at 4 pm ET and a Homegoing Celebration on Sunday, April 25 at 2:30 pm ET.

The public will be able to livestream both of the memorials. The Sunday Homegoing Celebration will be broadcast live on BET while Saturday’s Celebration of Life memorial, which will reportedly be held at Brooklyn's Barclays Center will, be livestreamed on the rapper’s YouTube channel.

It’ll be interesting to see how many big names in hip-hop get involved, with Kanye West being one of the names mentioned.



The iconic, GRAMMY-nominated rapper passed away on April 9th, rushed to the hospital after a heart attack, at just 50 years old.

I’ll leave you with a performance that’s regained some traction online over the last couple of weeks, including a fantastic writeup in The Guardian.

Dripping with sweat and wearing a pair of beaten up Timberland boots and blood-red dungarees, the New York MC (real name Earl Simmons) growls viscerally before launching into raw hood anthems such as Get at Me Dog and Damien. The crowd of 200,000 mostly white concertgoers shout back combative lyrics such as: “What the fuck you gonna do / When we run up on you?” They sing along to Ruff Ryders Anthem as if it’s an American standard, rather than a song that’s been out only a year.

It’s a surreal scene, especially given how much the star power of DMX, who has had high-profile run-ins with the law and battled substance misuse issues, has waned over recent years. Yet this performance immortalises a moment when he was the hottest rapper on the planet, a liberator who had come to free mainstream rap from its excesses with songs fully immersed in the struggle of being young, poor and black.

DMX, Woodstock, 1999.

Rest in power, X.