Whiskey...PODS?! Glenlivet Unveils Their "Capsule Collection"


Almost ten million views. At least, that’s where this Twitter video was at, as of this blog posting on Sunday. So, whether this is real or not, mission accomplished for the marketing team over at Glenlivet. Because this weekend, everyone was talking about whiskey pods.

The adult equivalent of Gushers fruit snacks, basically. Also, to be clear, these aren’t straight scotch whiskey. They’re pre-mixed cocktails. As for availability? For now, this is just in the UK, for London Cocktail Week. From CTV News:

The Glenlivet developed the limited-edition capsules in partnership with the London, England bar Tayer + Elementary. Alex Kratena, the bar’s owner, created three original cocktail recipes for the collection, which was recently unveiled during London Cocktail Week.

The whisky-filled capsules are only available as an “amuse-bouche” at Tayer + Elementary bar during the London Cocktail Week, which runs through Oct. 13. It’s unclear if The Glenlivet is planning to add the cocktail capsules to their permanent offerings.

Based on the buzz they created online this weekend, you know the Glenlivet folks are considering making this a much, much bigger thing. And if they do, let’s just please be careful to not confuse them with our laundry detergent pods.