WOAH, Apparently ABC Wants To Make A Broadcast Booth Trade With ESPN.


It’s not often you see trades in broadcasting. Usually it’s the NFL broadcasters, talking about trades involving players. But yesterday, that script was flipped, with some interesting chatter about a swap between NBC and ESPN, and how a “dream” broadcast booth for MNF would feature Al Michaels and Peyton Manning.

A bit more, from Yahoo! Sports

While Michaels is apparently on ESPN’s radar, enough that Marchand’s sources have tipped him off to the network’s interest, Michaels is at NBC for two more years and ESPN has yet to talk to NBC about trying to acquire Michaels’ services, the Post wrote. It seems hard to believe ESPN would be able to give enough compensation to NBC to get Michaels, and then pay Michaels — one of the greatest announcers ever — and also Manning, who now can use Romo’s CBS deal as a negotiating tool.

This comes hot on the heels of Tony Romo getting SUPER paid a few days ago, a contract that’ll pay him $17 million annually. Apparently, CBS tried to hire Peyton before Tony. Which thickens this plot even further. 

Anyway, it’s just nice to have a break from talking about where Tom Brady will (or won’t!) go.