WOAH, The UFC Just Booked A Fight To Decide Who The "Baddest Mother F***er" Is!


The BMF Title Fight Is ON!

That old expression, “ask and ye shall receive”? It rings true, apparently. Because two UFC fighters made it clear what fight they wanted, and the fans did their part, demanding the same matchup. And now, the UFC is going to do a couple of things it almost never does, breaking a couple of their own rules. A non-title fight is going to headline a pay-per-view. And, it’s for the title of “Baddest Mother F***er”, which is also unprecedented, obviously. Oh, and the whole thing’s going down at the most iconic venue in North America, Madison Square Garden: http://bit.ly/2lIMPIc

So, for those keeping score at home, a UFC PPV, for the title of BMF, at MSG. Oh, and the fan-made promos are already showing up online.

Oh, and The Rock is pretty pumped, too.

What If Nessie Is Just A Big Ass Eel?

A new study says that the Loch Ness Monster isn’t what we’ve thought at all. Nope, some researchers seem to think that Nessie is just a gigantic…eel? Yes, and the Loch Ness hunters aren’t too pleased with the new theory: http://bit.ly/2lD1HrO

Tool’s 7empest, Classical.

And finally, some young lady went to the trouble of turning TOOL’s ‘7empest’ into a piece of classical piano music, and God, it’s good.