Yes, Hollywood is Really Making A Rubiks Cube Movie.


A Rubiks Cube movie? Look, it’s not often I think I can safely say I speak for everyone, but I really do believe that I speak for literally everyone in saying that none of us were waiting on a Rubik’s Cube movie. And yet, that’s exactly what we’re getting, according to The Wrap.

“A movie based on the invention of the iconic, colorful 3D puzzle toy the Rubik’s Cube is in the works from Ashok Amritraj’s Hyde Park Entertainment Group and Endeavor Content.

The film — produced by Amritraj and executive produced by Priya Amritraj and Addison Mehr for Hyde Park — will be about how Professor Erno Rubik’s toy became a pop culture phenomenon in the ’80s and beyond. No specific logline was given.

Hyde Park is also developing a game show centered around the toy brand along with Glassman Media (“The Wall”), an Endeavor Content Company. The game show will be executive produced by Amritraj and Andrew Glassman of Glassman Media.”

I mean, I would’ve said the same thing about a TV series centred around chess, and look how well Queen’s Gambit has done on Netflix. So let’s give a Rubik’s flick a shot, shall we? 

Come to think of it, that’s not a bad plot line. Hard drugs and dudes speed solving cubes.

However, I still think we’re long overdue for a crokinole movie, for the record.