Golfer with cerebral palsy pens book to help inspire others

Golfer Kyle Miller hasn't had an easy life but you'll never hear him complaining about having to putt over bumpy greens.  Miller was born a month premature and suffered a stroke during birth, causing him to have cerebral palsy.

Miller started playing golf in elementary school and was hooked as soon as he picked up a club.

Miller says golf has given him a lot.

"I've already achieved way beyond what I thought I would in my life via golf," Miller told CTV News Tuesday.

"This vehicle has driven a long ways all over the world and I'm very blessed to be where I am today."

The 30-year-old will tee it up in this weeks McKenzie Tour PGA of Canada event at Country Hills Gold Club.

Having the opportunity to tee it up in the ATB Financial Classic means everything to Miller.  He hopes his story will inspire others.

"Even as a kid I knew I was going to be serving a greater purpose of helping others believe in themselves," Miller said.

"Ultimately that is hopefully what my legacy is, It's to help others believe in themselves and that's what I'm serving it in that manner."


As a kid, Miller spent a lot of time in hospitals.  By the time he began playing golf he had accumulated 14 surgeries, including one to straighten his left leg and another to straighten his left hand.

Even back then, he knew at some point in his life he wanted to write a book. That book is now out.  It's called "The Unique Perspective, The Keys to Realizing True Potential."  Miller is hoping the book will help kids who are going through tough times.

"I think that's a great example of what I've done with my life, to realize what my true potential is," Miller said.

"I've always had a unique perspective on everything in life," he added, "because I've had to flip the tables and turn negatives into the positive."

Kyle Miller is a big believer in giving back.  He said that's a big reason why he wrote the book. 

"The concept behind it is books are generated at discounted costs.  Regularly it sells for $19.95 retail.  Those sold in bulk donations packages go for $9.99 and then those book copies are given to Shriners Children's Hospitals and so patients can benefit from these books," Miller said.

"I remember being in the hospital trying to find something that I could get leverage off of, going to the next level or achieving exceptional feats.  This book is an opportunity for kids to learn how to read.  It's an easy read for them that's its own skill set in life."

"Also," he added,  "those going home from treatments might be able to take something from that book and these three exact principles that I've applied in my life and have gotten me to where I am."

If you'd like to purchase Millers book you can go to

Miller tees it up with Kyle Mossfeldt and Katy Rutherford at 9:50 on Thursday morning.