LISTEN: The Who's Pete Townshend Drops First Solo Track In 29 Years!

pete 2023-03-24 184855

Pete Townshend the Legendary guitar playing, songwriting extraordinaire of The Who has just dropped his first solo song in 29 years! Check out Can't Outrun The Truth...




Obviously Pete's songs with The Who are in a league of their  own however his solo career has been really good aswell. The kicker with the song Can't Outrun The Truth is that he didn't write it; his wife Rachel Fuller not only wrote it but produced it also...

“We’d just moved house and Pete was as happy as Larry up in his studio, working every day. I couldn't do any creative work and obviously, we couldn't go anywhere. And I really started to think about how unbelievably difficult this period of time was going to be for so many people. I wrote lyrics and then I sat at the piano and wrote the music, and then I thought, ‘Oh, I really would like to record it because it’s really not a bad song at all - and my singing days are long over.’ So I asked Pete to record the demo.” - Rachel Fuller via Ulitmate Classic Rock 

To read up more on this story and his involvement with The Teenage Cancer Trust click here. 

Check out some of Pete's Solo stuff below.