LOOK: Bauer Hockey Joins The Fight Against Coronavirus...With Visors!


One of my favourite things to follow over the last couple of weeks of COVID-19 has been people springing to action, eager to help their fellow human(s), however possible. Kinda remarkable how something so sudden and scary can actually give you some real faith in humanity. And this right here is a great example of that. The folks at Bauer Hockey really wanted to help the fight against coronavirus. But what exactly can a hockey equipment manufacturer do to help combat a pandemic? 

Face protection, as it turns out. 



The plan is to make 2,000 of these per day right now. It’ll help keep people employed, and get medical professionals some much-needed protection, as they run towards a virus that’s forced the better part of the world’s population to hide. Dan Bourgeois, Bauer’s VP of product innovation elaborated on the innovation that could help hospitals, cops, and firefighters on the front lines. 

"We say we’re a protective company ... Then why aren't we starting to (make) protection for our doctors, nurses, hospitals, and their needs? I contacted my CEO (Ed Kinnaly) and he said, 'Hey, Dan, you have carte blanche. Go do it.'"

You love to see it.