LOOK: If You Look Like A Young Dwayne Johnson, The Rock & Vice Might Be Looking For YOU!

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You there! Do you look like a young Dwayne ‘The Rock” Johnson? If so, there’s a casting call with your name on it:

‘Tales From The Territories’ is a tag team thing, between The Rock’s production company, and Vice. More, from Narcity:

Carly Granovsky Casting is looking for wrestlers, fighters, boxers, and individuals with stunt or martial arts training to appear in an upcoming series called Tales From The Territories.

The documentary is being produced by Vice TV and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, which should perk the ears of any WWE diehards still waiting for "their moment."

According to Vice, the show will reunite real wrestling legends to relive their most "outrageous" true stories from the ring.

"We're looking for non-union wrestlers, fighters, boxers, and talent with a stunt or martial arts training to play various wrestlers throughout the decades! From Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Antonio The Great, Andre The Giant, Princess Victoria, and more," the call states.

All roles will be non-speaking, so don't worry about your acting chops. However, you will have to wear a wig, which may be worth worrying a little bit about.

It looks like they’re casting for a few different roles. So if you’ve always wanted to play a wrestler on TV, maybe this is your big break.