LOOK: The TOOL Lego Set We Need, And You Can Help Make It Happen!


Well, this rules. 

Did you know that you can pitch an idea to LEGO? And that if it gets enough support, they’ll look at making said LEGO set idea. I know this because…there’s a dude trying to get a Tool LEGO set done. In fact, in the words of said dude (who goes by "blocksandmocs"), 

This project is a tribute to the legendary rock band-Tool. I was inspired from the recent fulfilment of a long anticipation, 18 years off wait that tool will release a new album. Tool have accompanied me throughout my life, as a meaningful and Integral part in the soundtrack of my life, to this day and on.


If you wanna show the project some love, it’s got just over 3,000 supporters thus far. How cool of a collector’s item would this be?!

And, you know, since we’re on the topic of one of the greatest bands ever. Can we take a moment to appreciate how great ‘Pneuma’ sounds live? Sweet Jesus.