LOOK: This Mini-Saddledome Is The Ultimate Flames Fan Man Cave!


I wanna try something new with your Friday edition(s) of Dude News. How about we make Fridays a day for a few things worthy of your attention that either didn’t warrant a full blog to themselves…or that I simply forgot about or ran out of room for. Cool?


Let’s start with this basement version of a Saddledome that somebody replicated in their basement? Now THAT is a man cave.

Second on the docket, did you know you can buy Dr.Seuss animal trophies for your wall? They’re pretty funny, and would make a wicked feature…if they weren’t so friggin’ expensive. Thanks to Rockaholic Stew who sent this in yesterday, when we were bickering about buying secondhand taxidermy for my walls at Castle JD. If you’ve got some extra cash kicking around, these would look pretty sweet: https://www.drseussart.com/taxidermy


And finally, for the last couple of months, we’ve (ok, I’ve) been doing a Whiskey of the Week on Fridays, for anybody looking for a new whiskey to pick up on a trip to the liquor store for the weekend. Full disclosure, I’m pretty new to whiskey myself, but I friggin’ love it. If you’re looking to get yourself into it, hopefully this helps.

So, with no further ado, here’s your bottle homework for this week. For anybody who’s just getting started and wants a pretty cheap starter whiskey, this is for you. And, it’s pretty perfect for in a flask, too. You don’t want to put a really great solid single malt into a flask, I mean, what if it gets confiscated? Instead, there’s Famous Grouse. Nice and cheap at the liquor store, solid with a little bit of ginger ale if need be, and there’s a couple of pretty solid whiskeys in this blend, The MacAllan and Highland Park. 

This thing is a good jump-off for rookies, or a solid flask choice for anybody hitting the football game this weekend, or looking for some winter warmth while working outside. Enjoy! https://www.thewhiskyexchange.com/p/497/famous-grouse