LOOK: This Vancouver Choir Covers Queen...To Remind You To Wash Your Hands & Socially Distance


Here we are, still trying to flatten the curve, and it’d seem that some people still aren’t getting it. So, how about music to get the point across? More specifically, Vancouver’s Phoenix Chamber Choir.

The group’s hoping to not only brighten up your social feeds (which have been a bit darker than most of us would prefer!) with this, and also spread a super important message. 

Calgary’s musicians are doing their best to stay creatively busy during this pandemic, too. Last week, the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra teamed up with the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra for a Battle of Alberta, in lieu of the one we should’ve seen on the ice at the Dome last Saturday. 

Pretty incredible, seeing these musical talents not only keeping their spirits up, but also producing high level music via video conference. 

Anyway, surely by now, you’ve gotten the point, right? No? Ok, I've got something just for your stubborn ass.