LOOK: Wanna Help Australian Wildfire Victims? There's A Sex Toy For That.


We’ve all watched the devastation in Australia unfold over the last few weeks, as wildfires have ravaged much of the country, causing irreparable damage and devastation to the landscape, and wildlife population. 8.4 million hectares of land, scorched. 500 million animals lost. 24 people gone, and thousands of homes decimated. And for many of us, separated from the problem by thousands of kilometres, it’s been hard to know exactly how you can help. 

But wait no longer. 

All you’ve gotta do this morning? Buy a sex toy. More specifically, this special toy, from Geeky Sex Toys. It’s the "Down-Under Donation Dildo" (what a name!), and 100% of the proceeds are going to relief efforts in Australia. 



And before you scoff…well, it’s working, you guys.



In the words of Geeky Sex Toys (which has a VERY interesting catalogue of items!), 

“buying a sex toy has never felt so good 🍆.“

If you’d like to buy a Down-Under Donation Dildo for the cause, they’re available for your ordering pleasure, HERE: https://geekysextoys.com/product/the-down-under-donation-dildo/?rfsn=2821593.f14c6&subid=88665X1596501X358d2a77de7a508bd0f44c209c0bb785