Manitoba PC Party president questioned in court over leadership vote count

Shelly Glover’s lawyer Dave Hill spent the afternoon grilling the president of the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba about the leadership vote count.

Glover is challenging the validity of the October 30 leadership race in court claiming irregularities with the count. On Monday, a day and a half hearing to cross-examine people who filed affidavits got underway.

The merits of the case are set to be heard on December 10.

Glover alleges the total vote number increased in Premier Heather Stefanson’s favour following the count. Stefanson won by a slim margin of 363 votes.

Glover’s lawyer Dave Hill asked PC Party President Tom Wiebe why an email, which had been sent to both camps hours before the count, showed a fewer number of ballots than what was eventually announced.

Wiebe said it was made clear that count was not the official figure, that it was sent as an update to both sides to show who had voted and who had not.

Hill also grilled Wiebe about why there were 18 counting tables for 16 boxes of ballots.

“How did 16 become 18?” asked Hill.

Wiebe replied they needed the extra space because not every box had the same number of votes.”

“Some were fuller than others,” said Wiebe.

Hill also questioned why some of the tally sheets from the counting tables were not signed by the observing scrutineers and counters. Wiebe told court it was his preference they be signed, but not a rule.

Shelly Glover was in court at times handing notes to her lawyers.

She is set to take the stand Tuesday.