Meet "The Iranian Hulk", Who Makes His Bare Knuckle Fighting Debut Next Year


Totally understand if you missed BKFC 9 last weekend. That’s Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, for those uninitiated, and it’s often as freakshow-ish as the name would suggest. But this is a new level of circus, even for the purveyors of bare knuckle cage fighting.

They signed The Iranian Hulk. 

And honestly, until the other day, that meant absolutely nothing to me. And then, I Googled “Iranian Hulk”…

Aptly nicknamed fellow, isn’t he? His real name is Sajjad Gharibi, and you don’t have to look very far to find reasons you’d hate to be locked in a cage with the dude. 

Who exactly would wanna fight this behemoth? A former UFC heavyweight, of course, albeit a pretty washed-up one. 

A few other points of interest?

“This guy’s going to make his Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship debut in early 2020,” he said. “We’re going to do a show entitled ‘USA vs. Iran: World War III.’ He’s literally our biggest signing we’ve ever had. But he’s going to make his way over to Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship, he’s gonna make a home here, and we expect really, really big things from ‘The Iranian Hulk.’” 

Brace yourselves, Iranian Hulk is coming. 

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So I’m finally accepting my first professional fight from a Brazilian fighter before 2020 More updates to come via international mass media for any inquiries please contact (Im ready for the challenge) اخیرا یکی از ورزشکاران برزیلی من رو به چالش مبارزه در رینگ دعوت کرده بود ، من برای این مبارزه آماده هستم و طبق هماهنگی هایی که در حال انجام هست تا قبل از سال جدید میلادی این مبارزه انجام خواهد شد ، اخبار کامل بزودی از رسانه های بین المللی منتشر خواهد شد . تا قبل از سال جدید میلادی حداقل یک مبارزه خواهیم داشت

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