Metallica Teams Up With Billabong & Nixon, Just In Time For Christmas.


Alright, lots to get to in what was a very busy (and long!) week, no? Feels like there was lots of stuff I meant to get to on the show, and didn’t. Thankfully, we have a blog for that.

Let’s start with Metallica, who are on a bit of a hiatus at the moment, having foregone an Australian tour with Slipknot while James Hetfield is back in rehab. In the meantime, Billabong and the band have teamed up for an exclusive line of clothes. Looks pretty sick!

Also not their first collab with a skate/surf brand. They've done some stuff with Nixon previously, and added a few new watches just in time for Christmas, too. 

Second up, a pretty rattling tweet that made the rounds over the last 48 hours, largely because it freaked people out.

Dating is a crazy thing in 2019, and for the fairer sex, a pretty scary thing at times, too. Especially because this doesn’t appear to be an urban legend or anything. Some Internet sleuths seem to have found the aforementioned killer, in this Washington Post article.

And finally, on a MUCH lighter note, whiskey!

More specifically, my Whiskey of the Week. My buddy Ernie Tsu at Trolley 5 introduced me to this bad boy a few months ago, and if you’re looking for a bottle of something cool at the liquor store this weekend, allow me to personal recommend Bearface Triple Oak. It’s a Canadian whisky, but through three different kinds of oak. American bourbon oak, French oak barrels from Bordeaux-style wines at Mission Hill winery in BC, and then Hungarian oak barrels to finish. Really cool stuff! Lots of maple, oak (duh!), caramel, vanilla, tons of flavour.

It’s not hard to find around town, and if you wanna try before you buy an entire bottle, they have it behind the bar at Trolley.

Have a killer weekend, dude(s).