A Dog Snuck Into Metallica's SoFi Stadium Concert


Metallica's recent two-night stint at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California may been a celeb magnet, but the most famous concertgoer may end up being an Akita Shephard mix by the name of Storm.

The dog apparently snuck out of her house and made her way into the metal legends' sold out concert at the nearby stadium.

At first there was concern that her owners had attended the show and abandoned her. 

A Facebook post by the local Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation expressed concern for the animal

"We are looking for a possible foster," the post read. "Last night at the Metallica concert @sofi, someone abandoned their pup in the middle of the stadium. The dog was sitting in a seat, and was there for hours. He [sic] was taken to the local shelter, which at the moment we are trying to pull her from. Regardless of what people think, no dog should be taken to a rock concert. It was extremely loud, and that poor pup was definitely scared. The dog looks to be a Akita Shephard mix. Very friendly and sweet."

The foundation makes a good point: dogs should never been taken to a concert of any kind. However, according to her owner, Storm snuck out of the house and broke curfew all on her own!

She was eventually returned to owner Arizbeth Hurtado, who posted a thank you on Facebook.

Perhaps the coolest thing about this story is that Metallica paid tribute to Storm on socials, after they were told of the incident, joking that "she had a great time listening to her favorite songs, including “Barx Æterna,” “Master of Puppies,” and “The Mailman That Never Comes.” See the post below.


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