Coldplay Countersuing Ex-Manager For Millions


Coldplay are countersuing their long-time former manager Dave Holmes for £14 million (approx. $23 million CAD).

Holmes originally filed a lawsuit against the UK band for over £10 million in August, claiming unpaid commission from their 10th and yet-to-be-released 11th albums.

A rep for Holmes told The Sunday Times, “Coldplay know they are in trouble with their defence. Accusing Dave Holmes of non-existent ethical lapses and other made-up misconduct will not deflect from the real issue at hand — Coldplay had a contract with Dave, they are refusing to honour it and they need to pay Dave what they owe him.”

However, the band have now threatened Holmes with a “significant counterclaim" that accuses Holmes of overspending on their Music of the Spheres tour that began in 2022.

Coldplay feel the tour costs “escalated rapidly,” claiming that $10 million (USD) was spent on unnecessary purchases, such as “16 bespoke stage pylons” for lighting and video that was "unjustifiably expensive to use" and a “visual project known as Jet Screen” they were only able to use for ten dates. 

The band are accusing Holmes of “failing adequately to supervise and control the tour budget at all times” and that he did not “exercise reasonable care and skill in the performance of his obligations,” which left them with in excess of £17.5 million (nearly $30 million CAD) in extra costs.

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