Falling in Reverse Call Out Venues For 'Stealing' Merch Profits


Between ticket-selling agencies trying to gouge fans into paying extra fees, registering to be a "verified fan" only to get waitlisted and never get the opportunity to buy a ticket, or being subjected to ridiculous prices for tickets by resellers, music lovers are facing many different obstacles when it comes to just attending a concert by their favourite artists.

Another area in which fans are being exploited is in buying artist merch. Prices for items such as shirts, hoodies, hats and records at concerts are being inflated by artists because they're being forced to give venues a cut of their merch take. For some of the bigger touring acts out there, it means nothing, however, for smaller and independent acts, losing this money has become a fight to earn a living.

While some venues have agreed not to take a cut of the artist's merch take (recently Live Nation announced it will stop charging artists), a lot of venues - both domestically and internationally - have forced a fee ranging between 10% to 40% of the gross sales. And artists like Falling in Reverse are taking a stand.

Friday night (December 8) the Las Vegas hard rockers were performing at the The Armory in Minneapolis, Minnesota, as part of the 93X Nutcracker radio festival, when frontman Ronnie Radke stopped the show to address why there was no Falling in Reverse merch for sale.

“If you haven’t noticed, there’s none of our merch in the back,” he explained. “It has nothing to do with the radio station, it has to do with this venue. This venue is trying to charge us 25% of our fees. … What that would mean is that we’d have to charge you guys way more to make any money. So what I did was [holds middle finger up], ‘F**k them!’ We’re not paying [this venue] f**kin’ s**t! That’s f**ked up. If you guys want our T-shirts, go online and pick them up. We’ll probably lose a little money … but I’m not selling my merch to lose 25% to this f**kin’ venue.”

The next day, Radke elaborated on the band's stance towards selling merch on X, adding, "Last night I told @armorymn to go f**k themselves on stage and if any of you bands play this venue I’d advise you do the same, the only way this bulls**t is gonna change is if we as bands all stand together and f**k their bottom line up. Streaming takes our money, the venue takes our money the artist gets DESTROYED and disrespected by these greedy f**ks."

He followed it up with a few more tweets before closing with, "I will start my own festival where the bands get 100% of their merch mark my words."

You can read Radke's tweets below.