Here's How Much Canadians Will Spend To See Fave Music Artists


The average Canadian is willing to spend $281.46 and travel as far as 808.2 kilometres to see their favourite artist perform at a concert or music festival, according to a new survey. said it had 2,000 Canadians  take its survey through an undisclosed “paid survey platform.” The average age of respondents was 34.8 years old, with 56.4 percent identifying as female, 41.4 male and 2.2 percent non-binary or transgender.

It found that people in Newfoundland and Labrador will spend the most to attend their dream concert while Quebecers will shell out the least. (The territories and Prince Edward Island were not included in the survey.)

In Montreal, for example, music fans are willing to spend an average of $222.22 on tickets and travel only as far as 471 kilometres.

This is less than the averages for Toronto ($276.33) and Vancouver ($308.72), where fans are comfortable traveling up to 607 kilometres and 862.2 kilometres respectively.

Of all respondents, 34.4 percent said they would stay overnight somewhere in order to attend a concert – with most (61.8) saying they would travel by car. Only 25 percent said they would get a flight.

The same survey south of the border found that Americans are willing to spend $269.93 U.S. – or roughly $356 CAD – to see their favourite artists perform live.

Factoring in expenses like gas and accommodations, these are the average amounts Canadians in each province are willing to spend to see a concert:

Newfoundland & Labrador - $1,215.07

Nova Scotia - $853.78

Alberta - 843.24

British Columbia - $790.28

Ontario - $720.93

Saskatchewan - $683.21

New Brunswick - $640.21

Quebec - $622.79

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