Noel Gallagher Calls Adele's Songs 'F**king S**t,' Offers To Write For Her


If you ask Noel Gallagher his opinion of someone else's music, chances are he will give you the tasty soundbite you're looking for.

The former (?) Oasis guitarist recently appeared on The Matt Morgan Podcast where he was asked what he thought of Adele's music. As always, he didn't exactly hold back.

“F**k off, f**king hell. Name one [good song]?” he answered. “They’re f**king shit. It’s f**king awful. It’s f**king Cilla Black. I find it and that whole thing offensive.”

Gallagher, who just wrapped up a North American tour with Garbage and Metric, did, however, offer his services to the multiple Grammy-winning singer whenever he is ready to stop performing.

“If I fall out of love with touring, I could see myself just sitting at home writing songs and sending them to my publishers,” he added. “I might in the future. I’ll be saying, ‘Get Adele to sing that. Don’t call until she’s done the guide vocal’.”

He also offered one of his songs to Lewis Capaldi, who is currently taking a break from performing to tend to his mental and physical health.

“‘I want Lewis Capaldi to murder this song, I want him to s**t on it from a great height. Make me rich!’”

Hopefully before any of that happens, Gallagher will reunite with his brother Liam and get Oasis back together. His current take on an Oasis reunion is "never say never," so there is hope.

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