Yesterday Was 'Depeche Mode Day' In Los Angeles


Depeche Mode are currently in Los Angeles, preparing for their two concerts this weekend at the Arena.

Yesterday (December 13), the band (now consisting of Dave Gahan and Martin Gore) were honoured by the city, which declared it "Depeche Mode Day," recognizing them for their "musical genius and the enduring message of unity and love."

Councilwoman Monica Rodriguez introduced the duo, announcing to the hundreds of fans in attendance, “I am so proud to be here on what we have officially declared in the city of Los Angeles as Depeche Mode Day in LA. I wanna thank you all for coming out to honour a very treasured band that has meant so much to Los Angeles. Meeting us where we are with their lyrics and their musical stylings that helped to keep us whole when sometimes the world was falling apart.”

The two thanked Rodriguez and took the opportunity to acknowledge the city's importance to the band's history.

“Los Angeles and New York were the springboards, really, for our career in America," Gore said, who added that Depeche Mode's first-ever stadium headline concert took place in L.A. “So [that’s] another big part of our history.”

Gahan also thanked the fans, joking that “I could’ve done with this kind of support in the early ’90s as well. It would have been very helpful.” Making reference to the period in which he almost die from his drug addiction, specifically an overdose from a speedball in 1996 while staying at the Sunset Marquis Hotel.

Depeche Mode released their 15th studio album, Memento Mori, back in March of this year. 

Watch the festivities below, courtesy of Maximo TV.


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