Steel Panther Accidentally Landed On Easy-Listening Station...

steel panther 1

LM Radio, in South Africa - an easy listening, daytime station had some issues recently with their database. When an error occurred - the song that played  as a result was 'Glory Hole' by Steel Panther.

Just in case you're unfamiliar - here are some lyrics:

"There's a place in France where the naked ladies dance
There's a hole in the wall where you put your c*ck and balls
But you never really know who's sucking on the other side"

So - you can imagine the regular listener's surprise when this is what they heard. 

The result was a publicly issued apology (that has since been deleted) to their listeners for airing that song at 2pm on a Sunday afternoon - as well as a note from Steel Panther themselves.



Steel Panther is headlining CJA92's Halloween Howler on Friday October 28th at the Grey Eagle.

Also joining us is The Congregation & Black Stone Cherry

Get tickets HERE.

And watch the music video for GLORY HOLE below: