Sudbury police release crime stats from 2021

The Sudbury Police Service Board met Wednesday morning and presented a report from the police service on crime statistics from 2021.

The child exploitation unit said there were 96 internet investigations and 234 charges laid in 2021.

“These are steady from year to year, and in fact, as our tools become more sophisticated to meet the demand of the sophisticated tools that the predators are using,” said Det. Insp. John Valtonen.

“We find that these numbers will likely increase from year to year to year.”

In 2021, the break enter and robbery unit executed more than 35 search warrants, and helped recover various stolen items. It also led to the recovery of 19 firearms and 95 explosive devices.

“Folks may think they know how to handle the explosives, whether they’ve worked in the mines or they’ve seen it on the internet, but to be quite honest ... putting things like pipe bombs together, they put the community at danger,” said Valtonen.

“Having these in their possession in a community is absolutely unacceptable and we will make sure to exploit those opportunities to be able to seize those items.”

During the meeting it was also announced that Sudbury city councillor Al Sizer is the new chair of the police services board.

He said the numbers regarding the confiscation of weapons and explosives are alarming.

“I was shocked to see those stats. Disappointed that is occurring in our community but pleased that we have a professional police service that is working to get those devices off the streets,” said Sizer.

Police also said community members provided many helpful tips that led to successful investigations last year, and they hope that will continue this year.