50 Cent Had The Audacity To Tell Snoop Dogg This On The Set Of BMF....

snoopdbmScreenshot 2021-04-27 164148

...Not to Smoke Weed!!! Saaaay Whaaattt!


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It didn't work apparently. 

 "This is how @snoopdogg looked at me when i told him he can’t smoke weed on set,

 He said the f*ck you talking about 50 it’s legal." - Caption from 50 Cents Instagram Account

It happend while filming Black Mafia Family wish looks to be a great show btw!

Black Mafia Family is about two two brothers from South West Detroit and there rise into the one of most influential crime families in USA. 

No release date as of yet. 

As for the weed smoking, Fiddy needs to chill!


Chris Foord