A Beer Company In Florida Is Putting Shelter Dogs On Their Cans!


This is such a great idea! And DEFINITELY one we can adopt here in Calgary.

A brewery in Florida called Motorworks Brewing has partnered up with animal shelters in order to promote adoption and showcase some of the animals they have in their care! They're hoping that by getting their faces out there, it will increase their chances of finding their forever homes. 



Seriously, how could that not help? 

If I saw a brewery advertising local animals in need of their forever homes on their cans....I'd definitely buy their product.

So simple, right? A picture of the dog on the can along with their name, a short bio about them and the shelter they're at...Local breweries....I'm lookin at you! 



Since these guys have started using their cans for the greater good of their community, other breweries have taken note and jumped on board with the idea, such as Fargo Brewing Company in North Dakota!




As someone who volunteers a LOT at a local animal shelter, I can promise you...this would benefit our local shelters hugely.