A Better Tent City - What every city and town need


Kitchener, Ontario like most urban areas has to deal with homelessness and they may be on to something. Dubbed A Better Tent City, the idea is to replace tents with actual mobile homes and so far at a cost of about $45 000, 12 of them were brought in and made into instant homes. 

I like that it has a lock on the door, It’s safer. (I) don’t have to worry about getting robbed in the middle of the night.”

That’s a welcome relief after living on and off the street for the past year - David Fitzpatrick via TheRecord.com

With Medicine Hat workinng on ways to eradicate Homelessness this is just another superb way of how we in Calgary can go about it. To read up more on this great idea click here and check out the video below, it'll give you something to smile about!


Chris Foord