A Street Performer With An Incredible Voice!


I remember it so vividly, walking down the cobblestone streets of Kingston Ontario, and seeing a young man who appeared to be down on his luck night after night with an acoustic guitar and a voice that would literally make you stop and listen. You had no choice, his voice was so powerful and genuine you couldn’t help but think “how is this guy not famous?”.

It seemed like every single day you walked down the streets of Kingston you’d hear the normal every day city sounds; cars honking, people talking and Jonas singing. Every. Single. Day. I remember talking to Jonas one day and asking his story…he came over to Canada from England to pursue music and never left. He was couch surfing and his only means of income was the open guitar case that was littered with coins beside him as he played.

7 years later he now has a band; ‘The Wildnerness’ and the same dream he had when I would listen to him on the streets of Kingston…

He messaged me yesterday to show me a new song he wrote, along with a video he made for the song.

The least I can do is give you a chance to listen. Enjoy.

'For everyone who’s driven across the country to play shows for no money to no people. For people who feel like you’re not good enough. For you when you feel like giving up. Hurry Up and Wait is a song for you.'

While I got you, here's a few of his covers.