AC/DC Up Your Initials!

cjaScreenshot 2020-10-16 161537

Power Up your Name (initials) to look like it's part of the AD/DC army!

Look it isn't big news like a world tour (hopefully that's coming) but you can now at least feel like part of the AC/DC army by personalizing your own AC/DC ish symbol right here. 

AC/DC's new album Power Up will be in stores Friday, November 13th and CJAY 92 is playing the new single 'Shot In The Dark.' Check out the music video below.

OH and quick note, as per what many believed, the late Malcolm Youngs guitar playing does NOT appear on this album; although according to brother Angus, Malcolm was in on some of the song ideas before he sadly passed away of dementia in 2017.


Chris Foord