Borat 2: Rudy Giuliani Scene 2020-10-24 081258

Borat 2 is all about confusion and making some people in really high places look really stupid. In Borat 2, many viewers were pointing to one particular scene where Borat played Sacha Cohen is the mic dude during an interview with one time NYC mayor/ mob buster Rudy Giuliani and the reporter who in the movie is played by Borat's '15 year old daughter, Tutar' played by Maria Bakalova who is actually 24. 

The scene finds Rudy who (we can only assume is not in on this) get into a compromising postion with Tutar...who doesn't look 15 either. 

Check out the scene yourself below and you can see the entire move on Amazon Prime. to read up more on your new fave actress Maria Bakalova click here.

Chris Foord