Bret Hart "Get Checked"


Friend of the station, (espicially Jesse) The legendary Bret Hart, a proud Calgarian, a Man that makes me feel proud to be Calgarian and a Man that I haven't met! Even my parents sat next to him at a dinner function years ago. .... sorry, just realized i've never met Bret, i mean his brothers have taught me in school for crying out loud,.... i must be like the only Calgarian not to meet him. :(

Jeebus! hi there, sorry go side tracked...  So back to the story,  Bret Hart recently went on his instagram account to remind us all too "get checked" regularly for cancer. Bret who recently defeated prostate cancer because of early detection is getting a cancerous cell removed from his shoulder; the technical term is basal cell carcinoma. He should be okay but still; wear more sunscreen dude! 

So get checked and live long like the "best there is,     the best who was,      and the best there ever will be........"

Check out "Hitman's" instagram post here

Not sure where to start for cancer check ups, start here-> 


Chris Foord