Check Out Weezer's 'Crazy-Train-esque' Blue Dream...

weezerScreenshot 2021-05-13 171552

Ah Blue Dream, what a fine cultivar of Cannabis.

It's also the name of Weezer's latest tune!

The Song Blue Dream is from the Van Weezer album released last week and it has a huge Crazy Train feel to it, it's supposed too.... 

Van Weezer will have you feeling the 80's hair rock vibe and perhaps even making you want to go back and revisit those albums by Ratt, Scorpions, Faster Pussycat LA Guns and others.

Oh and did you know Ozzy Osbourne was originally offered the song Hash Pipe written by Weezer's Rivers Cuomo!

“I think it was in 2000, he asked if I had any songs for him, and I just happened to have written ‘Hash Pipe,'” he recalled. “I sent it to him, but he didn’t end up using it. In another reality, it might have been interesting to hear him singing that song.” -Rivers Cuomo via


Grab your copy of Van Weezer here!

Weezer will be touring  with Green day this summer on the Hella Mega Tour. There is an August 17th Toronto date but lets be cautiously optomistic for now. 


Chris Foord