Dave Grohl Joins Ric Astley On Stage - again


Last night in the east end of London everybody's favorite front man Dave Grohl once again joined Ric Astley on stage and once again performed Never gonna give you up.

Okay I shouldn't be so hum drum, I mean it would be cool to see the first time however these two have been on stage many times before and i hate  that F#%^in' song. (grr)  

Do something way more Foo-ish and Ric can go on the drums. He's a good drummer!

As of press time (as i type this) the footage was only available through NME's website which is cool as it was their party. click here to see the footage and yes Ric is on drums.

However the time Ric joined the Foo's on stage back in 2017 was trendy and fun to watch, careful as Dave loves his F words! See Below.


Chris Foord