Dude Starts Makeshift Nightclub In His Vancouver Penthouse, Wins Douchebag Of The Year Award


I don't know about you, but the LAST place you're going to find me when things start to open back up again is in a friggen nightclub. That truly sounds like a fine form of punishment and nothing else.

Well, imagine being SO DESPERATE for loud, obnoxious music, scantily-clad women, rude men and sugary, overpriced drinks that you decide to start a makeshift nightclub in your penthouse.

A guy in Vancouver recently pulled that move and there are many aspects to the story that make the corners of my mouth pull out to the side in the most disapproving and cringed type of grimace. Namely, the guy in question is 42 years old. I wouldn't put it past a 17 year old Tom Cruise to start a brothel in his parents house, but 42 is sheer douchebaggery. Also, not a single slutty soul in the penthouse was wearing a mask, so each person in attendance won themselves a shiny new $230 fine.


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