Final Farewell To Eddie Van Halen


Hey, pals.

I've been taking more than a few days to digest all of the emotions that I have felt after Eddie Van Halen passed away. Almost every night when I get home, the first thing I do is start going through all of the incredible music this man has passed on to us, and he never ceased to amaze me. Some people ask, 'How can you be so sad about a guy dying that you weren't friends with?'. Pretty simple. He was literally the soundtrack to my life. Every song has a memory attached to it. EVERY song. 

My passion has been passed on to my sons as well. After his passing, I have come home to see that my son has dug out my old VH albums and has it cranked right up. My other boy switched over his workplace stereo and played Van Halen tunes all day. He has even picked up the guitar again, with hopes of learning Eruption. This old guy's heart grew three times that day. 

We have all seen the incredible tributes, the billboards world wide, the musicians from every walk of life posting their condolences. The outpouring of emotion from band mates, and most importantly Valerie and Wolfgang. This man meant so much to so very many people. 

Please take a few minutes out of your upcoming days online and check out this video. More importantly, show it to someone who hasn't seen it before or might want to be inspired. A truly incredible 12 minutes and 37 seconds.

Thank you, Eddie. I was lucky enough to meet you and watch you play in a bar on Sunset Boulevard. More importantly, thank you for all of the incredible music and the memories attached. You were truly one of a kind. Hot summer nights and my radio, that's all we need baby, dont ya know.



*Video courtesy of Guitar Planet via YouTube