Happy Birthday John Bonham


John Bonham was only 19 when he played on the classic and personal fave of mine, Led Zeppelin's self titled first album also known as Led Zeppelin 1. 

Bonham's legendary drum technique was self taught however he had some huge influences before him. Bonzo's bass drum technique and "triplets" method is the foundation of Led Zep's heavy sound. 

12 years after that release and many incredible albums, legendary tours and thousand of rock-star-bad-boy stories after, Bonham was no longer with us.

Its rather sad that his death back in September, 1980 was put into legendary folklore of rock star drinking when actually the booze was an escape because he was hurt and feeling insecure about his playing and apparently had some personal problems at home. He didn't kill himself, passed out drunk from 40 units of vodka that he had drank from noon to midnight, Bonham was laid down by his assistant so he could sleep it off. In the night he must have turned himself into a position where he would succumb to his own vomit. He was 32. 

To read up more on Bonhams death click here and to learn more about John Bonham's playing method see below. it's broken down so that even non-musicians like myself could appreiciate his talent so much. 

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Happy Birthday and RiP John "Bonzo" Bonham.


Chris Foord